Who is the connecting link® method suitable for?

Stress, fear, emotional blocks, disruptive behavioral patterns, psychosomatic / chronically occurring complaints, repeatedly experienced conflicts or constant doubts are points that have probably already occurred to many in one form or another.

The method is aimed at all people who can identify themselves with one or more of the points listed below
and want to bring about a change, but may not know exactly how.

With the help of bio-cybernetic control processes / a simple muscle test , individually stressful neuronal structures can be uncovered , which express themselves in the everyday life through symptoms and, among other things, disruptive and limiting behavioral patterns.

By specifically introduced eye movement (REM phase), the  underlying emotion of the surfacing problem is altered.
This changes the (until this point) active neuronal structure and allows for reconnection.
The procedure results in an enormous amount of energy being released, leading to an increased capability and immune competence.
Suddenly decisions are easy and targeted. Conscious action becomes possible, where previously there was only a feeling of surrender (the power of habit).

In a very safe and reliable manner, causes for psychosomatic symptoms , limiting behavioral patterns and recurring mental loops are found and solved sustainably .

Possible Applications:

  • Stress / "taking work home", problems "switching off"
  • Fears of all kinds (e.g. exam anxiety, stage fright)
  • Constant anxiety / uncertainty
  • Phobias (e.g. sociophobia, arachnophobia)
  • Psychosomatic complaints e.g. headache, tension, fatigue
  • Limiting behavioral patterns
  • Poor concentration
  • Learning disabilities
  • Blockages / black-outs
  • Constant worries / fears about the future
  • Recurring relational conflicts
  • Depressed mental state
  • Lack of motivation
  • Negative Beliefs
  • Persistent excessive demand
  • Not being able to let go
  • Low self-esteem, feeling down
  • Burnout
  • Inability to make decisions

connecting link® is neither a therapy nor can it substitute for a doctor or therapist.
Rather, the method can be understood as an innovative addition to existing forms of treatment that does not aim to combat symptoms, but rather to address the root of surfacing issues.

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