You have an issue that you would like to work on, but you may not really know where to start - or what you can do about it:



You register for an appointment using the form.
I will call you back and we will discuss your concerns.
We will then make an appointment if necessary.
After a successful appointment, 
you will come to my practice at the agreed time.

connecting link® Coaching

We start the session with a preliminary talk.
You don't need any preparation for this interview.
Then we go into the coaching process.
This consists of two parts:
1. Muscle test
2. REM phase
You will find out more about the process and the
meaning of the individual parts on site.

Immediate relief of the emotional system

Following the coaching, we reflect on the experience.
What is important, however, is what happens now:
Energy is released, resulting in an increased capability to 
making independent decisions and taking conscious action.
This energy is yours to take home.

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