What my coachees  say
about connecting link® :

"After initial doubts (I didn't know the method yet), I got involved out of curiosity.
I quickly realized what kind of emotional worlds I could immerse myself in. I got the opportunity to break old habits and thought patterns through gaining new and different perspectives on what had happened.
Before that, my emotionally strenuous work accompanied me even after work. I was able to put these thoughts aside with the connecting link method.
I'd do it again for sure."


Irina K.                         


"Hello everyone out there. I can recommend the coaching with a clear conscience. Difficult to put the method into words, but fact is, that I noticed the first astonishing changes immediately after the session. At first it was a warm and comfy body feeling and after 2 weeks I had no more desire to smoke cannabis.
I can only advise you all, if you have inner blockages, to visit Lucas. Who knows, maybe it will bring you as much joie de vivre as me :)
Trying is better than studying but see for yourself!
With warm regards,"


Seyithan M.                         


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