Welcome to
connecting link®

What is connecting link®?
connecting link® is an innovative and holistic coaching method that was
specially developed to resolve unconscious causes of existing
emotional conflicts.
What's in it for me?
An Immediately noticeable relief for the emotional system
through a sustainable change of the underlying neural structures. 

Did you know that:

... Emotional conflicts present themselves in the here and now as psychosomatic symptoms as well as limiting behavioral patterns and spirals of thought?

... Every experience we make is stored emotionally; whether this storage is helpful or not?

... our emotions represent simple physiological reactions to environmental stimuli (absorbed by the sensory organs), which have a permanent effect on our nervous system?

You heard right: 

Ninety-five percent of our cognitive activities are subconscious.
Among other things, the processing of stimuli in our perception apparatus.
Environmental stimuli (such as sounds, smells, or a certain person in the room) are initially neutral.
However, the resulting emotions have us under control, far more often than we are aware, and this is exactly where the connecting link® method comes in.

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