Lucas Rölleke Pinto Wahnon
Certified connecting link® Coach,
Social Care Worker

After several years of work in educational contexts and the constant desire to really want to achieve something tangible, it became clear to me that I had to break new ground in order to become to what drives me.
Working as an independent connecting link® coach is the ideal vehicle for me to realize my passion and task:
Recognizing connections.
The coaching process not only makes it clear to the coachee, but also to me every time, how the human brain relates and processes experiences.
The knowledge gained in the procedure makes profound changes possible.
The resulting emotional balance and lightness not only convinces me, but also constantly surprises me anew.
Each coaching is unique and the positive results and reports from my coachees amaze me again and again!

I became aware of connecting link® when I was in a major life crisis and had difficulties making everyday decisions.
Even the first session was so drastically and positively life-changing for me that it was only a matter of time before I found myself in the training to become a connecting link® coach, to include this effective instrument in my repertoire.

I'm looking forward to us working together!

"Every pain is a demand to move forward!"