The connecting link® method:

Especially in today's highly interconnected world, it is enormously important to be able to react flexibly, both emotionally and mentally, to new demands, challenges and life situations.
However, many of our learned patterns of action and thinking are of a rigid and reflexive nature.
Connecting link® offers the possibility to find new ways to one's own flexibility, decision-making ability and joy of action and does away with time-consuming analytical procedures and eternal repetitions on the same topic.

The coaching process essentially consists of two elements:

  • I. Muscle-test: Through bio-feedback, individual stressors are revealed and the underlying emotional conflict is uncovered
  • II. REM Phase:  "Rapid Eye Movement" uncouples the prior experience from its impact on the emotional system

    The result:

    Through a change of perspective change processes are set in motion.
    These are essential to change habitual, mostly unconscious and reflexive behaviour into conscious and reflected decision-making processes.

    It is here that goal-oriented behaviour and action-taking becomes possible and we can tap into our full potential.
    Only on the basis of emotional flexibility are we able to adequately use our learned knowledge and skills.
    Our ability for self-reflection is increased.
    The step towards personal responsibility on all levels seems logical and appropriate again.
    Falling back on blame and avoidance strategies becomes redundant.

    The resolving of old emotions and the resulting reduction of pathogenic stress reactions, significantly increases our immune competence and provides an immediate relief of the emotional system.
    Psychosomatic symptoms, which are based on a loss of connection to ourselves, suddenly fade away.

    All the energy that we unconsciously use to suppress or fight active stimulus-response patterns is available again to our entire organism. We experience noticeable change on a mental and physiological level.